File Name : PDF archive file under workflow r...

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File Name : PDF archive file under workflow rule

I set workflow to save the archive file into my cloud under the workflow. The file name is set out to “Report <>”. On the email,

I do receive the PDF file with the name perfectly match with what I set out, it is working fine. However, when i access to the folder where the PDF archive is saved, the PDF file is slightly different, i.e. it looks like the time stamp is added to the end of the file name.

What I would like to do is make the file name “static”, i.e. exactly same as the file name of attachment I receive on email.

Is there any tips to achieve that?

It is okey Appsheet override the PDF file of archive if the same name of the file is triggered by workflow.

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What I want to try to do is to make a direct link to the archive file from the app, by making a VC with the file path name which dynamically change the path & file name, then the user can pick up saved archived file once they trigger the workflow, to eliminate the process to manually attach PDF file to the physical column. But to do so, we need the static name of the archived file.

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I’m afraid you are not able to do that at this moment because everytime when you create a workflow, it will add that timestamp to your PDF file name.


Could the timestamp be predictable?
(the expression behind?)

e.g. trim(substitute(timenow(), “/”, “”))

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You can disable the Timestamp as described in topic " Disable Timestamp" in this article

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