File not found issue for files generated using workflow

I am trying to create a workflow that will create a pdf from a given template and then open the same file in-app. But I am getting a “File not found” issue when open a file.

Error Trace:

@Steve Can please help me here? I am not getting what’s wrong.

Workflow setting:

File path on drive:

Formula for PDF path:

When a PDF is generated and saved and you do not specify a path, there is a default folder used to place the file into.

You will need to insert that folder path value into the sheet’s PDF column value. E.g. the PDF column value in the sheet should be something like:

Folder Path/Invoice_9a176442.pdf

Additionally, you haven’t mentioned HOW you are saving the PDF filename value into the sheet. If you are using the PDF app column - shown in the last post - in some way, then you will want to also include the Path info there. You can do that in 1 of 2 ways:

  1. Update the “Image/File folder path” value to the path name - e.g. simply “Folder Path”
  2. OR you can include the folder path into the concatenate statement like this:
CONCATENATE("Folder Path/Invoice_", [Invoice].[ID]. ".pdf")
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Thanks, @WillowMobileSystems But the solution didn’t work. So I have done a workaround with the google app script. I have created a template in google sheet itself and using google app script to create pdf. Generated file and location is matching to hence it works.