Files Saved to Owner's Google Drive

I have created a workflow action ‘Save File’ that saves a pdf to the app’s default folder.

But even though the app’s owner has made me the owner of the default app folder, the files still go to the owner’s google drive. I have not been able to find those files in my google drive. The files instead go to the owner’s google drive.


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Anyone ?

I dont have any solution sadly, but this is interesting.

Just thought what is going to happen you share the folder you own after the ownership was transfered to you with original owner and then he/she add this shared folder to his.her google drive by “add to Mydrive” and place that folder to the location of the original/default location?

If this gets through the files are saved to your owned folder, but the fles can be accesse by the original owners as the folder is shared.

Thanks @tsuji_koichi.
But the folder is already shared with the app’s owner.

The owner app must keep the folder ownership , and share the folder with secondary users.

You must “reset” previous steps, but take into consideration that now there are probably two folders with the same name,etc. Pick the right one, after testing with a new saved file

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Can you please mention which folders might have the same name after I transfer the ownership back ?

Yes this is the correct behavior: the files are saved into the app owner’s google drive. However, the files can be opened by any app’s user, if you create an action for opening them. And you don’t need to change the folder permissions (the folder doesn’t need to be shared with anyone).

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On pressing the ‘Open File’ action, I see the following error:

Google Sheet:

But if I place the same pdf (i.e. Created By_ in a folder that has not been shared by me rather I created that folder, then on pressing the action the pdf is opened successfully.

anyone with any suggestion please?

@perissf Can you please let me know whether ‘complete file + file name’ is correct in my case:

Complete Path + File Name:

Column ‘File Name’ value in Google Sheet:




It looks so.
What is not clear to me if the action Open File is pointing to a column (not a formula) and the column is of type File

Sure. Let me show you.

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@Steve can you suggest something please?

Thanks a lot @Steve.

As mentioned in the article I placed the google sheet into the folder where PDFs were being saved. And it solved the problem.

Thank you everyone.