Filling a form with the data from another table

I have a table that I am using as a form for interviewing. At the end of the interview, I click an action button that sends the candidate an E-mail with a link to a Google Form that asks them their name, e-mail address, and 2 questions. When they hit submit, the answers go into a table in my sheet.

I would like to take the answers to the 2 questions and have them autofill 2 fields in the original form based on a match with the e-mail address from the candidate.

I have tried various expressions and references and have not had any luck.
Any Ideas?

Google Forms Response

Top part of form for interviewing

Fields to fill in form for interviewing

I have been working on this for over 2 weeks and would appreciate any help. Thank you in advance.

On Form for Interview table, you have candidate Email field as well as email address in googleform response table.
To display the response along with InterviewFormTable, the easiest way is to add virtual column with expression of

select(GoogleFormResponse[Timestamp],[_thisrow].[E-Mail address]=[Your E-Mail Address])

This will generate the list type - with the matching responses by email address. If the candidate submit google form multiple times, then it appears accordingly.

Awesome! That wasn’t exactly what I had in mind, but it worked great! Thank you!