Filling fields in a word template in the cloud from the corresponding app fields, is it possible?

is it possible to build an app that has fields that populate fields in a word document (or word template) stored in the cloud.
And insert photos take into the word doc as they are taken via the app?

Yes you can create a template which would either form the body of an email or a PDF attachment. That template can pull data and pictures from your App.

Yea awesome thank you Simon.
Can the template have a question written (from the word document) which shows up on the app, with a series of answers from a drop down list of choices (so a drop down list of pre written answers). but also ability to supersede the drop down with a custom answer?

The idea is to design the questionaire or form in the word template, then have that in the app as a series of questions, check boxes and drop down menus with a selection of answers (or add a custom answer as well if the drop downs dont suit). Because the word doc is formatted to the businesses standards and requirements. The answers entered in the app would then copy over to the word doc, where additional information or paragraphs can be entered if required. However I dont think it would allow that, it simply converts straight to PDF from the app.

some of the collected data would also need to be fed out to an external API.

The thing here is that while the company has big contracts, its a 3 man team. And appsheet sales have told me that for external API access (enterprise subscription), you need 20+ people mimimum at $20 per user per month.
I replied thats ridiculous, you are basically spitting out the start up market and small businesses since API access requirements and external SQL`s are quite common these days, however he explained that this was purely because google hadnt automated smaller unit sales in the checkout yet. But will eventually.

Yes, that would be an ENUM type column with Allow Other Values selected

I agree. Its also a bit short sighted given Google own appsheet. You would have thought that they would have made it free to connect to Google SQL instances and only charge for other providers. Your only other option might be to use Google Script to write to the SQL database.

Thanks Simon,
when you say ENUM is there a way to program appsheet in a language? Enum sounds like C#,

google Script, good to know! Will look into that. Thanks for sharing.

ENUM is simply a column type.

Yes you can add formulas into Appsheet

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thanks Simon. :white_check_mark: