Filter a dropdown

I am trying to filter a dropdown depending on what the user put just before (year of the article and quantity) in the form of the app.
I did like that:
SELECT(Products[Article Id], AND(IN([_THISROW].[Article Année],Products[Article
Année]),IN([_THISROW].[Article Quantité],Products[Article Quantité])))

My column is type ref and I put this formula in the suggested value. But the result gives all the column if I put a year that is in the column but I want just the article with this specific year.
Perhaps it is not clear, but do you have an idea… Here an example of the product table.

Thank you

I try like that:
select(Products[Article Id], AND([_THISROW].[Article Année]=Products[Article Année],[_THISROW].
[Article Quantité]=Products[Article Quantité]))

But it give me an error: Cannot compare Text with List in ([Order Details Id].[Article Année] = PRODUCTS[Article Année])

It is weird because I see this expression very often.

Try with the syntax…
SELECT(Products[Article Id],
[_THISROW].[Article Année]=[Article Année],
[_THISROW].[Article Quantité]=[Article Quantité]

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Very nice, It is working. Thank you.

You’re welcome