Filter a enum type column

I have a column called “Type” with 10 different choices (example: Red, green , Yellow, blue, orange…)
If in the slice, i want to select only Type Red and Type Yellow, what shall I write in the filter? Sorry but I tried different hints but no one is working. Thank you … I am really newbie :frowning:

Let me explain better: the column name is “Colour” , in the rows are different colours (red , blue, green, black, yellow, etc…) and there is a column with the name of the customers, which everyone has choosenhis favourite colour. To extrapolate only the name of the customers whose favourite colour is RED and Yellow, the function in the filter how should I write it?
IN (RED, Yellow [Colour]) or something like this?

To display rows of only customers whose favorite color is red or yellow:

IN([Colour], {"Red", "Yellow"})
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