Filter an Enumlist field

I am very new working with lists in appsheet.
I have this case, do you have any idea how it could be solved?


The implication is that you have Table User 1 and Table User 2. (This is not good design. I’ll explain in a minute)

The quick answer is that you would create an expression that goes into the Valid_If property of the EnumList field in Table User 2 and it would be something like this:

SELECT(Source Table[ITEM], NOT(IN([ITEM], Table User 1[ITEM]

Why is this not good design?

Well, what happens when you need to add User 3 and User 4, etc? Not only do you need to add additional tables but you will need to update the expressions checking to see if ANY of the other users have made selections. It gets very messy!

Instead, you would want a single “Selected Items” table and it would include a column of “User” to identify which user selected the item. Now, you can easily have a single expression that excludes items selected by any other user.