Filter Column not get updated

Column POPS is a list with filter on SpreadSheet A, I can add many records, save them to SpreadSheet B.

Column COST is a list with filter on SpreadSheet B.

The problem is, when I add a record to POPS and save data to SpreadSheet B, I expect the data of COST to be automatically updated, but it doesn’t. Any solutions? Thanks!


Hi @davidhuang! I haven’t had exactly the same issue you’ve had but I think I’ve had something similar. I assume that the data is correct after you tap on Sync, right? If the problem is that you want the data to be shown immediately but you have to wait for a sync, what I wound up doing was restructuring my data so that instead of having two spreadsheets, I had all of the data on one. I’ve written about my experience here:

I’m not sure that my experience is really applicable to your situation but I thought there was a chance that combining your data in one spreadsheet might fix the problem so I decided to try to respond.

One way is if you calculate these costs with a virtual column. Then you will see them before the sync because then values are coming from child records.

Changes made directly to the spreadsheet, without using the app, will not be seen by the app until the app syncs. Generally speaking, making changes directly to a spreadsheet that the app uses is not a good idea.

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Thanks Kirk!

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Thanks Aleksi! I’ll see if I can use virtual columns.

You’re welcome