Filter data by ref table

Guys i wanna asking
i have an App and the info like picture below, and i want to make New View, and in that view i wanna filter the data by category on “Ruangan” data table (“Ruangan” data is ref to “Gedung” data)

can u show me guys how to do that cause im newbie on this…
thanks before…

Hi @Agung_Ramadhana!

Are you familiar with slices? Here’s the documentation:

Unless I have misunderstood what you are trying to do, I think you want to make a slice of your “Ruangan” data table. Then, that slice will function as its own table and you can make your new view with the slice.

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yeesss i want to make new view and filtered “Gedung” Data table too by column on “Ruangan” data table, but i dont know how to do this

You will need to write an expression to make the slice. Normally, if you are making a slice for the “Gedung” table, you would write an expression for that table alone. I don’t understand how you want to use data from the “Ruangan” table to filter. If you need help, I think you will need to explain the details of what you want to do (column names, data types, relation between tables, etc.).

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nah i have try

[column name]=“category”

and its working, but i need you to check again if i make a mistake …

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