FILTER() Doc freshened and examples added: O...

(Steven Coile) #1


Doc freshened and examples added: Open Issues Assigned to Me; Orders with Special Instructions; and Common Problems.

Anything else you’d like to see for FILTER()?

(Alper) #2

Finally! Waiting for this. This one and Select(). I believe theres still room for more examples on this, but a nice start, thank you for the efforts!

(Steven Coile) #3

@Alper suggestions welcome!

(Alper) #4

I can’t give you direct examples since I am still learning, but instead, a different kind of suggestion, something I am looking since day one within function explanation pages. Images. I can see the sentences are very carefully formulated to express a functionality, but a couple of images of sample tables may quickly show what comes in and what goes out. Might be considered for future, I believe. Thanks again.