Filter "empty" rows

I am using the action “add a new row to table using values from this row”.

Setup: The idea is to take select info from the pre-populated “Table 1” and put it in “Table 2” if any user wants to remember it for later. Table 2 then, is a dumping ground of all the selected rows from Table 1. Each row is only unique by the “id” column and the “user email” column which are both synced from appsheet by initial values of “unique id” and “useremail()” respectively. All other data could be duplicates as multiple users could, and very likely will, be interested in the same rows from Table 1. Lastly, I want the in app view for Table 2 to be a personal experience. I want the user to pick what they want from Table 1, use the Action to move it to Table 2, then only see what they have submitted to Table 2.

Problem: I have successfully coded the app to show only the relevant data, but its also showing the “empty” rows in the spreadsheet. It knows to hide the content of the cells based the coded criteria, but its showing entire rows as empty/blank instead of hiding the rows altogether.

Any advice?

It sounds like you’re probably using _RowNumber as the key for Table 2?


Thanks for replying! But no sir. The key for Table 2 is the unique id given to each row from appsheet.

Hmm. If the key column does not have a value (is blank), then the record doesn’t exist to Appsheet. Please provide some screenshots.

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@Sean_Conerly Would it be better to use only one table for this purpose? If you add one column for this purpose which contains user’s email address (user who is interested on that record), you can use a combination of Security Filter & Slice to show records as you wish. Then you would not need to have two separate tables and blank rows.