Filter Error

We try to use the Appsheet search filters to download a file with specific data.
But when we execute the action, the file contents all the table data. Not the filter data

This is the action:

How do we download only the filter data?


What you made on the right side of your screenshot is a “displaying” filter. There is no filter applied on the data.
You may want to use a slice filter instead.
Are you familiar with it ?
If not, I suggest you have a look a this sample app:



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Hi Aurelien,

I am in the middle of rolling out a fix for Export CSV when you specify Search Filter conditions using the Filter dropdown in the Search box. That form of filtering only work if you are included in the rollout. I can include you in that rollout if you tell me the account id of the application owner.


For more information see Enhance CSV Export to Support User Specified 'Search Filters' - #37 by tsuji_koichi


Is it possible to become rolled-in too? :slight_smile: ‘2293862’

Hi Mateo,
I added your account. It should be active in two or three minutes.



for information