Filter field by another field


I’m building an app for my BIL for his auto repair shop. What I’m trying to do is filter a vehicle list based on the customer that selected.

Customers table has unique ID, Name and other relevant data

Vehicles table has unique ID, Owner (link to customer table), year, make, model and others

“Job” table has a Ref to both of those tables ([Customer] & [Vehicle]).

I tried creating a slice that would run

ANY(Vehicles[Owner]) = [Customer])

I can’t get it to work though…I’m guessing there is a way to do it. I have something similar in another app that filters but it uses a dashboard and two separate tables to accomplish that…I need to do it within the same form, if possible.

In Job[Vehicle] column’s valid_if field, enter the expression:

FILTER( Vehicles , [Owner] = [_THISROW].[Customer] )


Thanks a bunch! Worked!

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