Filter Map and Table by User Selection

I have been searching through the help areas for a while and am struggling to find a concise answer.

I have a list of company locations across the US which includes a ‘State’ column. I want the user to be able to select their surrounding few states and have the map and table filter the original data to just those states. I did find an article which showed me how to use User Settings and EnumList but I can’t figure out how to have the selected states reflected in the map pins or the table. (


Looks like you are almost there!

The next step is to create a security filter for each table. This can be found under Security -> Security Filters. You would put this formula in the tables you want filtered.

in([State], usersettings(USERSTATES))


USERSTATES is the field created in usersettings
and [State] is the column in your table that defines the state that the record is associated with.

This formula tells AppSheets to read the value of a records [State] column and if that value is in the user’s list of states then include that record from the table, if not then hide the record.

Thanks for the quick response. Forgive my ignorance but I’m just getting started with AppSheet.

I don’t understand what you mean by “USERSTATES is the field created in usersettings”
I’m getting the following;
Error in expression ‘[_THISUSER].[USERSTATES]’ : Unable to find column ‘USERSTATES’

Or slice.

Rich is suggesting you reconfigure one of the existing user settings columns by naming it USERSTATES. Use that column to capture your EnumList.