Filter map pin points by a certain group indicated in the View, e.g. filter for only a certain vehicle plate number

Hello, any help or clue will be much appreciated.

I’d like only XY pinpoints in background image for the XY coordinates to appear, when it’s referenced in a Views field.

For example, when I select a platenumber “NL-123”, only those pinpoints for this plate number should appear in the map background image, filtering out other plate numbers.

I’ve tried LOOKUP, FILTERS etc, in a Row filter for the Slice being used

Thanks in advance

Did you try interactive dashboard?


June 29
Thank you so much for replying. I’m very encouraged by you for the lead.
I am now trying the Interactive Dashboard :slight_smile:
But still, generally, how do I limit (filter) map pinpoints to only a certain so that only those will appear on the map?
This must be a basic command, but I’m just starting to learn Appsheets, although in Google Sheets I would know how to go about it.
Thanks again!
Regards Jorge

Super simply explaininig.

Assuming you have table storing such fields

Xy fileds

Out of this table, generate different type of views first.

1 ) Table, Deck whatever which is justd a list of the table
2 ) Map view with xy fields where you will see pins on xys for all the rows.
3 ) Detail view

Then place those three table to dashboard view with interactive mode turned on.

Once you select line item out of table (or deck) view, then other view will be filtered based on your selection

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Hello tsuji_koichi, I still have to try the interactive dashboard, I wonder where I can find samples of its applications. Meantime, I’ve found that the use of _THISROW for my problem.

Thank you for your feedback and I hope you’ll continue to help me in the future!

Where did you and you get stuck ? What is the exact problem you are facing for now?

Once knowing it, we are able to give better guide

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I was able to unstuck myself with the combination of LINKEDTOFILTERVIEW and _THISROW. Thanks!


Well done!

Hello! Is it possible to dynamically change the Background image for the XY coordinates, depending on a value entered elsewhere by the User? For example, when the User enters “Personal Auto” under Type of Vehicle, the background image should point to a personal auto type of vehicle. For a Truck type, the background image should be that of a Truck, etc.
Thanks again!

Hi @Jorge_Carreon,

Yes, that’s possible in the column type details… See example below… :slight_smile:


Hello Jake! Thanks for the tip! I have 6 images to select from. I can create a lookup table, but can you please elaborate how to automatically plug in the proper XY background image after indicating e.g. a type of vehicle?
Much thanks!

Hi @Jorge_Carreon,

I’m quite new to this stuff myself but I would try something like this…

  1. Create lookup table called images_table (or anything you like) with a column called [vehicle_images] that holds the image URLs

  2. Go to the table that holds your XY values… I’ll assume it’s called main_table

  3. Add a Ref column called [images_table_id] to your [main_table] and point it to the [images_table]
    (Now your main_table will be able to reference the images_table)

  4. Assuming you have a drop down list in main_table[type of vehicle]

  5. Add virtual column (VC) to [main_table] called [backgrounds] and put your [type of vehicle] lookup expression in there that brings in the URL from your images_table… Use [images_table_id].[vehicle_images] in your expression to do the fetching

  6. Then, in your XY column Type Details in background image for the XY coordinates… add the [backgrounds] column

Untested and winging it a little… but try that and see if it helps… :slight_smile:

Hi Jake, thanks for time and effort :slightly_smiling_face: I’ll surely try along the lines you drew, at least I have a road map, and not flying blind. Will let you know how it goes hehe

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