Filter map view

Is there a way to filter the pins of a map view directly from the Map View by the user? I cannot seem to add actions to the map view, only to the details,

Any ideas?

I know I can create slices and filtered views for the pins, that would create different maps, also that would mean the user selects the “filtered map view” from a different view, not directly on the primary map view.

Can I add an action button to the main map view so users can filter the pins?

From the view you cannot filter the map pins, but you can use a slice that filters the pins you need, and then create a view with that slice. I hope I can help … What type of action do you want to appear on the map?

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Thank you Fredy,
I understand about the slices and creating new views from there.
In that case the action I want to show in the Primary Map View, is a link to the slice, and viceversa.
This way users can move from one slice view to another and back to the original view.

Thanks again!