Filter not working

I’ve been trying to add a view filter to my app. Watch a video & read a tutorial and it works up to the point I try to add the search for expression [Area]=“County Durham” and it fails as shown.

What am I doing wrong this time?

What does this mean?

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Use that expression in a slice.

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This does not show a slice configuration:


No I meant, use [Area]=“County Durham” in a slice and make a view from the slice.

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I that it means I have lost the plot. lol. I was trying to display all records that had ‘County Durham’ in the ‘Name’ column and display them in a view. I think now I was confusing filter with slice. I thought the video I had seen had selected matching records and assigned the view to a button so when clicked is would find & display matching records. Maybe I was wrong.

Yep, that’s what I was trying to do but can’t locate the video of the guy doing it.

I have to apologise for the confusion I’m causing, all this is new to me although it is probably the simplest of tasks to you guys. I am starting to understand it a bit more with your help and aspire to be no where near as good as any of you, even if I just reached the level of being useless it would be an improvement for me. lol. But I am getting there.

Haha if you see my earlier posts you will see that I started no better than you. Probably most of us did.

  1. Make a slice of the table where the records are. The slice expression would be the one you mentioned.

  2. Make a view from that slice particularly.


Got it now, All I need sometimes is a little pointer or be told the correct terminology I need to use and I get there.

I now have 1 slice view in the ‘Menu’ (3 bars, top left of app) and I can now add some others. As there could be up to 10 areas a nested menu would be good so looking for that now.

That’s not an option. Based on the fields name, I guess that’s something to expand indefinitely in the number of records. Indefinitely expanding the number of views would be a very bad idea.

The solution, which is pretty advanced for you at this point, is to have a detail view of that record table with quickedit turned on, and have a slice that dynamically changes with the choice from the quickedit selection.

Then a view from the slice.

I don’t expect you to get this at this point, and on the flip side would be amazed if you did, but do check around doing things and getting your hands dirty. This community has some pretty amazing members who are always there to provide solutions.

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The Area will be limited to under 10 ‘Area names’ (ie counties) so no matter how many records are entered they would be allocated to one of the 10 areas.

It would be similar to a firm having 200 employees in total spread between a few departments (areas) such as sales, accounts, workshop, stores & drivers. They could take on another 10,000 staff but would still only have 5 areas (slice views). Does that help?

I have found something that uses Ref:Views. Looking at that as it might work for me.

I think I get the gist of what you mean by the quick edit but no clue how to do it. I sometimes learn fast and often walk at 3am (if I’m asleep by then) with the answer. No idea how I do that either but could wake up and correct machine code in hexadecimal even though I did not understand machine code.

Maybe you could help me with this, the other way didn’t work for me.