Filter out "Completed" rows from entire app


I’m having a hard time getting my app to do what I need it to do. In our app, the schedulers input job details in to the spreadsheet which our field users then pull up on the app. (customer name, property address, phone, email, type of request, request notes, etc…) While they are in the field, there are 2 columns they have to complete for our office staff.

JOB STATUS which consists of “In Progress”, “No Work Needed”, “Inspection Complete”, “More Work Needed”, “Didn’t Have Materials”, “Job Approved”, “Job Complete”, “Customer Invoiced”, and “Waiting for Storm”. The next column is NEXT STEPS which consists of “Notify Customer”, “Send Estimate”, “Awaiting Approval”, “Complete Work”, “Send Invoice” and “Finished/ Close Account”.

Here is where I am struggling: Once a field user has marked the JOB STATUS as either “Inspection Complete” or “Job Complete”, I need the entire job to disappear from the app. I can not seem to figure out how to filter OUT certain rows. I understand Show if values, but how does it work if you DON’T want a particular value to show?

Also, I’m needing this across the entire app, not just certain views so I’m getting hung up on that as well.

The goal is that our office personnel will see when an inspection or job has been completed, because we have filters set on our spreadsheet. They can finish invoicing from the office. But my field users are irritated because they have to keep looking at the same jobs that they have already completed and it’s starting to annoy them.

One work around I gave them until I could get this figured out is to change the “Assigned To” from their own name to “Done”. And the only reason that is working for now is because I have views set up for each user, to display only jobs “Assigned To” their name. This has proven to be a bit of a problem though because once they are back in the office and they want to check on something from the spreadsheet, they can’t just pull up everything that has ever been assigned to them, since a lot of them have been changed to Done. If anyone has any suggestions to fix that as well, I sure would appreciate it.

Basically, my field users want to see only new jobs in the app. But when they are in the office, they use the filters I’ve created on the google sheet, to work further on each job. They just don’t want to see those jobs on the app after they’ve completed an inspection.

I hope this makes sense and I hope someone can help me come up with a better solution! Thank you in advance for any help!

Hi @Dunrite
Have you checked out Slices and Security Filters?


For reference:

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I did try slices but I guess I don’t know what I’m doing. I could only figure out how to get it to SHOW something instead of showing all BUT the 2 fields I don’t want shown. How do I have it show all rows that DON’T include the word “Complete” in the JOB STATUS column?