Filter own data by driver id not by USEREMAIL() during login?


I am trying out to use the sample app, Field Delivery,

and there is a Driver and Job sheet. I saw the other examples everywhere in order to get login user to view their own data is to use the [EmailColumn]=USEREMAIL() and set them in the Security Filter,
but I saw the Job Sheet does not have the EmailColumn, only a Driver’s id column, which can be used to search in the Driver sheet,

so if we wish to enable the Driver to be able to login to the App and view only their own Job, are we able to use the user-id to set the security filter for their own data?

What I mean is without adding the driver’s email address which can be found on the Driver sheet, is that able to do the filtering?

Or do we need to create a separate APP just for the Driver in order to do the security filter with Email Column ?

Do appreciate any help, thanks a lot.

USEREMAIL() is by far the best way to determine who is using the app. How do you expect to link a user to a DriverID any other way?

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thanks @Marc_Dillon , to take a look at my question,
I am trying to check whether this is possible,

LOOKUP(USEREMAIL(),"Driver","Driver","Email" ) = USEREMAIL()

at security filter, is there any advice for this way, I saw this message “Note, this expression could significantly impact sync time.”, means it will not be the right way of doing it?

This is about half-way there. But the parameters in the expression are all out of place. Looks like you need to review the syntax of LOOKUP()

That is not necessarily what that means.

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