Filter past 3 months for bar graph

Hello folks.

I’d like some help here.

To keep it short.

I have a Table called Feed. It displays a list of daily entries going back 2 years

This table has a “Date” field for the day an entry was created
It also has a “Month” field, for the month the entry was created
Lastly, it has a "Year’ field for the year the entry was created.

I created a bar chart that I want to display all entries from only the previous 3 months (the current month and the last 2) to review recent activity.

This is the expression I created for it.

AND(([Date] > TODAY() - 90), ((MONTH([Date])) > (MONTH(TODAY()) - 3))),
AND(([Date] > TODAY() - 90), ((YEAR([Date])) >= (YEAR(TODAY())-1)))

This is the result.

The January, November, and December bars are desired, the October one is not. It’s a bit difficult for me to figure out. Can someone please assist?

(Please do not suggest an expression about just counting the previous 90 days, as that can cut off some entries from the oldest month. I need to be able to see ALL the entries from the oldest month).

Thanks for any help.


Thanks @Steve

I needed the last 3 months, not the next 3, so i just used…

[Date] > EOMONTH((TODAY()), -3)

worked like a charm, thanks!

Side question: Is there any way to short the bar graphs from left to right by date (instead of by alphabetical order)? That’s been particularly frustrating for me.


I don’t work with graphs much, so I can’t answer from experience. My guess is no, it’s always alphabetical, so you’d have to (re)name your columns so they sort as desired.

Disappointing, but fair enough. I can find a way to work around that. That’s all I need for now. Thanks again for the help!

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