Filter Row Condition with userrole

hy dear, i wan’t to make slice with row filtering.
but i will add condition with userrole akses
can you help me for this problem?
google upload gambar

It will be depend on what kind of filtering that you want.

Slice Row Filter Conditions | AppSheet Help Center

USERROLE() | AppSheet Help Center

and you can also create a new table for the userrole.

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i will try it
but i stuck in condition appsheet
can you help me?

i will stuck if else for this condition
if user login with user role user >>> can view data only for this maill user
view data for all
can you help me?

you can use security filter for the table with expression as below:

	(USEREMAIL() = [EmailColumn]), 
	(USERROLE() = "Admin")

not work

have you shared the app and assign the role to those emails?

like this?

yes. And where did you place the expression?

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in this

and my view

Hmmm I did not see anything wrong about the setup.

One last try: please check the security for required sign-in is as per below picture:

adn do re-sync:

edit: and make sure you are on core subscription.

if still not working, perhaps other may spot the issue or you might need to contact appsheet to let someone check by looking to your app.


hi dear,
i will delete my cache, dan refresh my app
and this problem as solved