Filter rows out of a primary view / or action buttons on primary views

Hey all,

I have a primary view showing a table of transactions which each have a status column. I would like to be able to view this table 1) including transactions with status “archived” and 2) excluding transactions with status “archived”.

Two solutions that don’t exactly get me where I want:

  1. Copying a view and displaying a slice with the filter applied. If I do this, I have to maintain two views every time I make a cosmetic change.

  2. LINKTOFILTEREDVIEW() is almost exactly what I need. I have it set to something like LINKTOFILTEREDVIEW("transactions", "status <> archived") which works great – my issue is the action button only appears in the detailed view (so I have to click an individual transaction then the action button to view all non-archived transactions).

Can I have action buttons on the primary view of all transactions? Or is there a way to view a filtered data set without creating and maintaining a second view?

Could you try to setting the LINKTOFILTERDVIEW() action as prominence “Overlay”? Then you could access the action button from summary view as well.

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