Filter shows just the key values rather than the rows

I have defined an expression using ‘filter’ to show the rows from a different table.

Rather than showing the rows, it just gives the key values of the rows.

What can I do to show the items in an embedded inline row format?

I know there’s a ‘related’ field that is auto generated but I can’t take that path for various reasons hard to explain in short.

Could you please share where you are using the expresson and settings of the said column and its filter expression.

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There’s a table called suppliers, with key as supplier name.

There’s a user expense submission table where employees enter their expenses. There are appropriate yes/no conditions that can lead the employee to make payment against a supplier from the supplier table.

Don’t know whether this would be useful, but I’d let you know anyway, that I have a bar graph view defined for the expenses of the employees.

I have a virtual column defined in the supplier table with the filter expression I mentioned in the question.

The expression :

“User expense submissions”, and([On what?]=“Supplier”, [Which Supplier ?]=[_THISROW].[Supplier Name])
), [Date])

Expressions like FILTER(), MAXROW(), MINROW(), REF_ROWS() etc. always but always return the KEY COLUMN value of the referenced table. To see other table data other than the key itself, you need to create a REF type TABLE VIEW where you can define the column order as well and this ref view will be displayed as an inline view under the Detail View of your parent table records.

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I’d think the column storing the results of the expression is not of the correct column type. Please provide a screenshot of the column’s configuration pane.

I got what you were pointing at.

Also deducing from @LeventK’s suggestion:

I changed the base type to ref pointing to the user expense submissions table and it did the trick.

What I mentioned about the graph view showed up as a problem here as well. Its the only reason why I couldn’t use the system generated REF_ROWS function.

In that field, instead of showing the rows as inline rows, it showed it as that bar graph. Don’t know why is it happening the way it is happening, but this was the reason why I couldn’t use the REF_ROWS thing. I’d guess after getting all these dirt on knees, what I essentially did using the virtual column is define an exact equivalent of the ref_rows thing.

When you have a column of type List of Ref, AppSheet tries to choose the correct inline view according to which views you have configured for the table referenced by the Ref values. If you have two (or more) columns of type List of Ref to the same table, but want to present different inline views, create a slice on the table, point one of the List of Ref columns at the slice, and create the desired inline view for the slice.

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