Filter Stock List for Enum

I have a list in a table called Stock items.

The stock items are categorised into packaging, raw and selling items.

I have another table which is used to do a mock recall on a selling product.

Rather than create a new table with only selling items I want to filter the dropdown Ref column in the recall table.

I tried a SELECT expression

Ref Raw and Selling Stock Items[Stock Item],
[Selling/Raw] = “Selling”,

In the Valid_if section and this appeared to work but I have little triangles with exclamations next to my results in my dropdown.

What could be causing that?

Is Stock Item your key?

Stock Item is my Label, Stock ID # is my key. Do you think that is making the difference? What do I change? Should I somehow use a dereference in my Expression?

Ok, I fixed it. Made stock item my label and my key. Not sure why that worked but thanks for pointing me in the right direction