Filter the value in enum list

I am having a Group table
i am have the column name Group name has text and Members has Enumlist with ref
Employee table
I am adding a group name Admin
Members has (a,b,c)
I want to list out the members of admin group in Another table column has enumlist
help me with any expression??

The following is unclear to me:

Please elaborate.

I want to list out the members “-one of the column in group ” of the group name – “-one of the column in group

I want to show the above members in another table column name Reviewer Members.

That doesn’t clarify anything for me. :confused:

I am having the table called group
Group table column are group name ,group members
Group name - text
Group members-enumlist with ref the employee table
I am adding the new row has
Group name - admin
Group members-a,b,c

I need to lookup the value A,b,c in another table
Column name - reviewers type is enumlist.

SELECT( Group[Group Members] , [Group Name] = ??? )

Replace ??? with value of group name you’re trying to lookup.