Filter the values on a Ref list based on a value on current form

The title says most of it but here are the details:

Table 1- I have table of customers each with there own equipment listings.
Table 2 - I have a second table where I can log corrective action items for customers and their equipment

  • I have Table 2 set up so it references back to Table 1 for the full list of equipment (all equipment in the list regardless of customer).

  • I wan to be able to filter the equipment list on table 2 based on the customer that I pick. only showing the equipment for that customer.

How do I do this in APPSHEET? I know 100 ways to do it in excel/googlesheets, but it’s not helping me here.


Hi, if I understand your question rightly so, below one going to solve your need.
Go to the data section, create new slice and select the Table2 under “source table” option, after then go to “row filter section” ,under it put an expression matching your filter condition.

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I looked at that, but I’m not sure where to put the formula to get the desired results

Seems odd that I would filter a Table 2 slice. My data is being drawn from Table 1 (A list of customers and their equipment). On Table 2 I want to be able to pick a customer, and have the list of equipment options I can pick from be limited to only the equipment that can be found on table 1 for a given customer.


Table 1 (contains)
column 1 --------------column 2
Jan Bobby --------------Hammer
Jan Bobby --------------Saw
Joe Ronny --------------Hammer
Joe Ronny --------------Saw
Jan Bobby --------------Drill
Tim Smith --------------Hammer
Joe Ronny --------------Clock

Table 2: (on the app side)
Pick Customer Name: Jan Bobby
Pick a single Equipment to Inspect (from a filtered pull down list): …

Because Jan Bobby was picked the list of equipment that you can select from would be limited to the following:

Here is an AppSheet video on how to do exactly what I needed. Super simple.