Filter to city or state with current location

My boss uses an app that I built when he is doing site visits across the country and asked if I can make it automatically filter to only records relevant to the city or state of his current location. It seems like I can arrive at his current lat/long and filter by distance to other lat/longs, but is there a way to reverse-geocode his lat/long to all records in the same city/state he is in?

My thought was to see if there is a google maps url that can have lat/long variables inserted but I am not finding any solutions…

Hmmm, that is an interesting one. Have you considered a drop down filter that he can select a certain state and it will populate relevant records to the state?


Yes, better to ask user to explicitly select the country using USERSETTINGS and then rule out the rows.

Possibly we are able to use public api, passing lat .long value as params and return the address or country whatsoever, but either case, we need to write script, GAS or javascript depending on your environment.

To capture the lat long and then filter the table.
User (your boss) need to take this action on app. At least he need to take some action to capture and save the record where he or she is now.

Select country on Usersettings. It is also user “action” on the app.

Either way, we need to ask user to do something.

I rather take a path to ask usersetting rather than waisting time on scripting.

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