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Hello, I’m doing some tests with the appsheet to migrate my powerapps application. I’ve been testing the appsheet for 1 week, and I couldn’t find a way to do a search by putting the start date and end date in a table, I’ll put the photos of what it was like in the powerapps. I have a screen where I choose the client’s status and dates and he generates me a filter.

Hi @Cassio_Coutinho. There’s no built-in structured search feature in AppSheet. But you can combine a few features to get something that could work for you. Here are a few examples:

Other community members might be able to chime in with a simpler way…

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I am sorry, its too bad.
I will have to continue with the powerapss for now, hopefully with the acquisition of appsheet by google they can implement the built-in structured search feature.
Tks for your time.

I’ve used power apps, and appsheet is leagues better.

While filtering is a short coming right now, there are a million other ways to get people/users what they need. From the voice assistant, to slices, security filter, data partitions, usersettings, interactive dashboards, actions for filtered views, etc. @tony was being modest.

I just managed a 34,000 activity Primavera P6 schedule with ~50 active users each day updating their tasks earning ~4,000 labor hours every day… They had no problem finding their tasks, sorting by phase, resource classification, or free form searching based on all sorts of meta data and/or hashtags…

Also, consider this. You just got the time of the lead developer managing AI/ML integrations… If you invest your time into learning Appsheet, they invest in you and build their product. Use this time to learn how to bend it to your will and you will be rewarded…

No, you can’t have those exact kind of archaic filters that have existed in Excel since cave paintings. You can have better…

Get creative and give it a shot, it’s pretty amazing stuff.


I am still on my learning path with AppSheet and I agree 100% with @Grant_Stead.
Today I learned about charts from this community and with the subject here, copied one of the sample apps to try to create a simple filter using dates and object. I am happy with it and keen to learn even more.

My Search 2020-06-25_11-18-22


Nice detail view with a refrows slice of your data.
Want to amp it up?
Above those filters put a yes no column. “Advanced filters” set up with the simple toggle on quick edit. Then show hide those options based on that toggle. Then you can end up with something really low profile, that effectively looks like just a table… Nice!


Waw… thanks for the input, I will surely try that.


Also, being a detail view you could have an action button that clears/resets all of the filter options…

You could also put your dial in a show column, and make it smaller or more inline…

Really nice, succinct, well timed app.
Can you make it a public sample?


I will learn how to publish that, however It’s really just a test from a sample apps and surely will contains several alternatives and some unsuccessful virtual columns :man_facepalming: (newbie mistakes).

I will post the link here tomorrow.


I understand, I do the same thing…

Here is the link.


Thanks for your time … apparently that’s all I needed … tonight I’m going to test and give you feedback.


Thanks for your time and support … I am new to the appsheet … I found it a very powerful tool … and I intend to invest my time in it … but this type of research by date is widely used.


One note, instead of using the beginning and end date, you could also just have a single enumlist date selector, and simply check all of the dates you want to include in the filter… would be quite similar… If I have some time, i’ll rework that, and post a mod with some other filtering options…


Tks again… I copy your app, and I try to undertanding how its work, but I can make it work on mine…

In my portfolio have my app with the table, column and slice, like your… can you check why my app dont work… even show the advanced search…

Again… tks a lot… I am new in appsheet… about 1 week.

I saw you app and its missing the virtual columns.
I can only guessing as I don’t really understand the language, but it seems that your search is for a table “OrdemServico”. It that is the case, you need to make a virtual column and use below app formula for it:


You can name it as “Search Result” or something like that.

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really when I changed to virtual this message appeared

But even so, I can’t even make the sliding field “Advanced Search” appear, nor the date fields …

I’ve shared my input on the apps to your email, just copy that and look inside.

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Already have a virtual column… but not appears in the screen… date field or slider “Advanced Search”

But, again… tankyou very much… I know that its possible… I am gona try all night long until I get it.

You sad that share the app with me… but the option to copy and customize its not enable.