Filter using dates

ah… please try again.

Look at your
Under: Co-Authored Apps

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Try to create a record for the search item. Change the view type to table or deck to enable you to click the + button to add the 1st search.

My time is still morning, so I will do what I can to assist you on this.

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It seems that it was a type of bug … I did as you said, I changed details for the deck, the + button appeared, clicked + and everything that was supposed to appear appeared. Then I went back to details … and incredibly everything worked … I didn’t change anything. I’m from Brazil, it’s already 11:10 pm … I’m going to sleep tomorrow I’m going to do some more tests and finish my question … thank you very much.

Actually, it is not. You will realized it soon, I believed.

Let me know if I can assist you any further.

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