Filter using dates

ah… please try again.

Look at your
Under: Co-Authored Apps

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Try to create a record for the search item. Change the view type to table or deck to enable you to click the + button to add the 1st search.

My time is still morning, so I will do what I can to assist you on this.

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It seems that it was a type of bug … I did as you said, I changed details for the deck, the + button appeared, clicked + and everything that was supposed to appear appeared. Then I went back to details … and incredibly everything worked … I didn’t change anything. I’m from Brazil, it’s already 11:10 pm … I’m going to sleep tomorrow I’m going to do some more tests and finish my question … thank you very much.

Actually, it is not. You will realized it soon, I believed.

Let me know if I can assist you any further.

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Hi! Thank you for sharing your App as an example!

Is there a way to export these filtered information into a CSV?

It’s really amazing @Heru
Thank for sharing


Dear all;

I’ve been trying to create a search form as well to my selling orders.

The Appsheet accepts the below commands, although the list column only shows the results occasionally, and only when the Selling Date [Data Venda] are input in the form.

Besides that, is there a way to hide the Save button in this form?

It would be very beneficial also if I could export to a CSV file. I have got this part, but all of the columns that are being exported are shown in only one column in the CSV file.

[Data Inicial Pedido]>=[Data Venda],
[Data Final Pedido]< = [Data Venda]
) -
([Código do Pedido]=[Número do Pedido])) -

[Data Inicial Programação]>=[Data Para Retirada],
[Data Final Programação]<[Data Para Retirada]

[Cliente] = [Cliente]))

[NF] = [Nº da Nota Fiscal]).

In advance, thank you for the support.


Fábio Nabuco Correia

Hi @jemuell_so, I’ve just spotted your question and have updated the sample app to show an exported button as CSV.
edit: add image for clarity:

@Fabio_Nabuco_Correia, have you tried to open the csv with google sheet?

I love it, have you found a solution to dont mess with lots of syncs?

I used the same solution, but actully it can go up to 15syncs per app use and it makes it realy slow