Filter Using list

Hey There !!

At the moment I have an app where I use a dashboard view to act like a filter.

Everything works great, but my problem is when I try to filter the Column [Estado],
And That’s because It is a List, So I want have to match The list of options on the filter [Estado]

With the Actual values of the table

In this example, I can´t find the way to match with the last Row of the table, And I dont know Why.

The formula that I’m using at the moment is:
IF(ISBLANK(ANY(Dashboard Filter[Estado])),TRUE,
IN(LIST(Dashboard Filter[Estado]),LIST([Estado]))),

Thanks in advance

IN() compares a single item to a list. You have 2 lists. You need to use either:


Also, any expression of the form:
IF( condition , TRUE , condition2)
Would be equivalent to:
OR( condition 1 , condition 2)

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