Filter using User Settings

Hello i read this article here: User Settings: Appropriate Use and Limitations | AppSheet Help Center

But one question remains… How can i make this filter, like in this picture?

"* Your app has data analytics for ten different countries. Ask the user to select a country via the User Settings, and filter the data (via a Security Filter or Slice) to show just the appropriate information for that country. "

How can i achieve doin this by Slice Filter?


I read these but i cannot get there… Im very new to AppSheets

  1. Make a UserSetting for country.
  2. Create a Slice.
  3. Set the Row Filter Condition of the Slice using the USERSETTINGS() expression.

In this case, country should be “SVC”:

And this is my slice:

But its not filtering… When the user select the value on User Settings, nothing happens on the next page

I see you’ve set SVC to be an Enum Type, what are the options? “true” is typically used for Yes/No Type, not Enum. You need to compare against one of the Enum options instead.


it worked!!! Finally i did it, thank you Marc…

I set my primary view to use the Slice as data source and worked… Thanks!!!