Filter view by user

Hi - I am trying to filter all the views of my app based on who is logged in.
I have multiple users who should not see each other’s data.
The user email that is logged in is connected to a value in one of my tables.
Users are tracking data that is stored in another table.
On the office hours webinar a couple weeks ago it was mentioned that you can’t use a virtual column to filter views.
As a result, I don’t think I can use the security filter option.
Any ideas on how I can filter views?

Hi! Welcome to the Community!

AppSheet has you covered! You can use Security Filters on each table you wish to filter by the logged in user. For more details you can refer to this article:

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I should explain that you can create expressions in the Security Filter such that they reference data in other tables to make the decision if that row should be included for the user.

However, maybe we should understand more how you are using the Virtual Columns and what data they have that is needed for filtering!

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I just tried this and I think I’m able to filter without adding a virtual column!