Filter when question (enum) contains (not)

Hello, I need your help.
I am creating an inspection form, and the fields of the questions are with Enum where each question has YES / NOT

What I need is a SLICE that filters the inspections that contain NOTs and if all the questions on the form have YES, it should be omitted, will it be possible to do something like that?

This doesn’t really make sense. Can you give some examples of records that you do want in the Slice, as well as examples of records that you don’t want in the Slice?

Sounds to me like you only want the slice to contain rows that have at least one NO response; i.e., omit rows that have all YES responses. To do this, try a slice row filter expression like this:

ISNOTBLANK(LIST([col1], [col2], ... [colN]) - LIST("YES"))

Substitute your own column names for col1, col2, etc.

The idea with this expression is to generate a list that contains all of the responses from the row (LIST([col1], [col2], ..., [colN])), then remove from that list all of the YES responses (... - LIST("YES")). If the result of that is not blank, the result has at least one non-YES response.

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Hi @Steve , thanks for your help, in SLICE I have used the expression as follows

… but I still see all the questions without filtering. Am I doing something wrong?

Your expression looks fine.

Is the view in which you “still see all the questions without filtering” configured to use the slice? The view itself (in UX > Views) must be specifically configured to use the slice.

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Hello @Steve if I have it configured, that’s where I see that the questions are still unfiltered

I am using the SHOW function in some columns to categorize the questions in Tabs, could this be causing the SLICE not to work correctly?

I’m completely confused.

A form view?

If so, why did you post a screenshot of a deck view?

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