Filtered Enumlist won't allow multiple choices

I have an EnumList field which pulls a list from a filtered virtual column.

When choosing several options, it gives me an “This entry is invalid” error

I’ve spent hours troubleshooting.

Please help!

I have the settings as you show, however the error persists.
Any ideas?

What is the column’s Valid If expression?

The Valid if expression is [actividad2], which refers to a virtual column which has the following formula:

list(select(actividades por pieza[actividad],([pieza]=[_THISROW].[codigo pieza]),true))

Remove the LIST() wrapping the SELECT().

Did that. Still gives me error.

This one is a doozy

I checked on the field details and it had reverted back to base type=text, changed it back to Enumlist and it works now!

Thank you for your guidance and patience!


Might you help me?
I have the same problem, the code I have is the following:

        Select (Inventory [Normalized],

OR (ISBLANK ([_THISROW]. [Responsible]), [Responsible] = [_THISROW]. [Responsible])

I am making use of two virtual columns linked together, as a filter.
The “responsible” leaves me the “Normalized” elements that I want to select, but if I select more than 1, it marks the error, I want to have more than one “Normalized” to add.
Thanks a lot!

What problem? I’m not going to go back and reread the entire thread to figure it out.

What error? Please post a screenshot.

Typically, choosing more than one requires the use of an EnumList-type column.

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