Filtered Row not showing even if expression is True


I have an App launcher (name, logo, appname) and a permissions table (email, appname) where I store my permissions. I have an expression IN(USEREMAIL(), [Related Permissions][Email]) that returns all rows that are true. But my slice doesn’t show anything. I originally want this in a security filter but security filters didn’t let me use reference tables.

Now upon testing my expression, the rows I wanted returned “true” in the expression test. But upon implementing it to my slice, no rows showed up.

This might be one to engage

I did a work around on this. I applied a USEREMAIL Filter to my Permissions table (so all it did return are relations of the user and apps). Then I used IN([AppName], Permissions[AppName]) in my security filter. This works, but I’m just not sure why the first one didn’t work, since I think the logic behind it is correct since the test expression returned correct. (or am i missing something?)