It seems Card views don’t like being associated with LINKTOFILTEREDVIEW(). It seems that whatever FILTEREDVIEW gets loaded first, stays loaded, no matter what I do. Until I exit and reload the app. A re-sync, does not clear it. No other views seem to be affected so this is a bug unique to the updated Card views. Happens in the emulator, the full app in browser, and the app on an iPad.

And to clarify, this only happens when the FILTEREDVIEW your navigating to is a Card view.

@morgan do you have any information about this?

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Ok thanks @Bahbus. I haven’t done a lot of experimentation with LINKTOFILTEREDVIEW(). I’ll investigate this and get back to you with updates.

Thanks, @morgan!

I tried to analyze the URL of the web based version to see if I could figure out where it was getting stuck, but it is really hard to decode what all the Strings are from the backend, let alone what they mean.