Filtering a Dashboard by date using input rather than multiple slices for each date range

So I am trying to combine the two following example apps:

To filter a dashboard based on a form button

Filter dashboard based on dates:

So far I am smashing things together with no luck, has anyone made anything like this?

I have made a Filter table with a Enum with Today, This Week, This Month which feeds to a range entry that uses IFS to create a min date range but other than that I am stuck
The closest I got gives me this error

“Cannot compare List with Date in (Filter[Range] < [Date Sold])”

Try this instead:

(ANY(Filter[Range]) < [Date Sold])

Hey Steve,

So that also had the same result.

I did figure out however that using

LookUP(1, Filter, ID, Range)<[Date Sold]

Using Any and Filter seemed to be trying to return a list of ranges (even though there was only one) but Lookup using the manual ID of 1 works now.

I think, the data doesn’t seem to line up with the actual ranges that I made with
[Sort]=“Today”, TODAY(),
[Sort]=“This Week”, TODAY() -7,
[Sort]=“This Month”, TODAY() -31,
[Sort]=“Total”, TODAY() -9999,

But its something.

I had to cheat to pass my highschool maths test so I’m sure I’ll suss it out soon enough