Filtering Dashboard

Hello, I have a PRODUCTS table with various columns, such as "Product Type, “Owner”, “Client” etc. How should i go about filtering the Products panel in the dashboard of my client based on any of those fields?

The client wants to be able to select the “Film” product type for example, and then be presented with all the Products of that type.

Please explore if the concept described in the sample app below helps.

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Hi and thanks for your reply. Sadly I’ve already checked the sample app but it doesn’t solve my issue. I tried transferring the functionality to my app but no luck.

Hi @Stelios_Papamichail,

Thanks for the update. You may wish to share more specific details and specific problem you are facing so that the community could help you better with a solution if one is there.


Sure. I tried to follow the sample app and create a table named FILTERS with a column named “Product Type” which is an enum just like the one in the Products table that I mentioned earlier. I then created a Slice of the Products table with the row filter being ANY(FILTERS[Product Type]) = [Product Type] and added both the slice & the filters table into a dashboard. But selecting a value from the FILTERS’ enum didn’t filter the slice. Any ideas? Is this the correct way of doing things? My client will need multiple filters, will i need multiple slices & multiple dashboard panels for each one?

Thank you. Could you mention what kind of view the filters table is in the dashboard? Have you enabled quick edit column in the said view fot hte Product Type column?

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It’s a details view and yeah i enabled quick edit :slight_smile: