Filtering data for my users


Is there an option that I show only a part of my data to user one? And some other data for user 2?
I have an excel file where all the data comes togheter, but every user need to see specific rows.

Like her in the picture -> User one needs to see only the rows where there is “Leveren 4 euro (Lier - Duffel - Sint Katelijne waver - Mechelen - Rumst)” (it means delivery) And user 2 only needs to see the information of “Afhalen Duffel (Hoogstraat 270)” (this is a pick up point). It is also okay that I need to make a new app for every user.

Thank you for helping me!

Greeets Hinse

Hello @Hinse_Wouters

Take a look at this post:

I would suggest that you add a column to your table where you can pick who should be allowed to see what rows - or assign things based on a Role system (easily implemented with the setup I linked to above).