Filtering Ref List if Row exists for today

I am trying to limit a list of items. The criteria for the filter would be:

Has an item in the source list been added to the daily log table today.
If it has, that item should be removed from the list
If it has not, keep on the list

Basically this is a punchlist of daily work. And when it is punched off, I want it removed.


It would help if you provided just a little more detail about how your “lists” are related and if there is any status column “daily log table” to indicate closed (vs checking dates and existence in the other list). Sounds like your request can be solved pretty easily, but the approach might be easier with some more table structure info (at least for me)…

For example, if as you say when it is “punched off, I want it removed.”…
if you have a “punched” column already, a simple row filter in a slice might be all you need…

Thanks @Mike

Table (Tasks) = list of opening / closing tasks
Columns ID, Task Name, Task Time (opening / closing)

Table (Opening Log) = Daily log of tasks being performed from task table

Limit list. At opening, all tasks would be available, as no log entry has been created. As an item is completed, it would create the row in the opening log table and then look at that table for “TODAY” and Filter the list with the item performed.

For example: We have 3 tasks. Wake Up, Brush Teeth, Take Shower

At the beginning of the day, we wake up, so we go into the app, select new task. New task would have a list with the three items above. I select Wake up. It writes the Row for the day. I click task again, and i should now have Brush Teeth and Take shower.

Hope that makes more sense.

This will help. I don’t have time right now to ck this out but maybe someone else will chime in. Definitely solvable.

Will see if I get a gap later. Apologies.

Thanks @Mike

Would it be possible to create some sort of Button list on a main Opening Screen. So same circumstances but instead of clicking create New Task, there would be a prefilled list that a button can be pressed. As an item is completed, the list shrinks.

And every new day, the list refreshes.

Appreciate any help

There are several way to approach this, but the likely best alternative would be to make use of a slice (in Data > Slices in the app editor) to contain the list of remaining tasks, a custom table view (UX > Views) to display it, and a custom action to log the task.

  1. Create a new action (Behavior > Actions), named Opening Task (or whatever you want), for table Tasks, of type App: go to another view within this app, with a target expression of LINKTOFORM("Opening Log_Form", "Task ID", [Column ID]). In this expression, I’m assuming there’s a column in the Opening Log table to receive the row ID of the task being logged and that the column’s name is Task ID. Adjust as needed.

  2. Create a new slice named Opening Tasks (or whatever you want) attached to the Tasks table. Set the Row Filter to an expression that matches only those rows in Tasks that should be listed as “opening tasks”. The expression might be as simple as ([Task Time] = "opening"). Leave all other slice settings unchanged.

  3. Create a new view named Opening Tasks (or whatever you want), attached to the Opening Tasks (slice) data set (the slice created above), of type Table, in the menu position, and set the Row selected option (near the bottom of the pane) to Opening Task (the action created above). Otherwise configure the view as desired.

Save your changes, then find you new Opening Tasks menu in the app’s main menu.

This isn’t exactly what you want, but it’ll get you started.

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Thank you, I will play with it tomorrow.

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