Filtering ref value in a list


As an introduction I want to point out that I am a newbie so I could be on the wrong track :slight_smile:

Basically I am trying to build a form in two parts to fill in some information about a factory.
The first part is to be filled by one person and the second part by someone else.

I have two tables. The second one refers to the first one (same key: using a name + timestamp).
I don’t want to display the list of the keys that are already in the second table and I can’t manage to do that.

I was thinking of puting a show if not(in([ref].[_ComputedKey],list([ref])))
but it doesnt work as expected: I think it just disable the list instead of just showing the value not already in the table.

The other way around would be to work with an action instead and to add the value of the key when submiting. Then using an enum with a filter but I feel like it is less simple

I hope it’s clear :smiley:
Thank you for your help

It might be helpful to see what the two tables have for fields.

Depending on those fields, if they are all truly factory info, then it seems it might be easier, and make more sense, to combine the data into a single table and then split the data for the Forms using Slices.

Slices allow you to create subsets from the original table and you can reference them just like tables in MOST places.

The idea for you is:
a single table
Slice #1 would include fields you had originally in Table 1
Slice #2 would include fields you had originally in Table 2
Form 1 for person one entry would reference Slice #1
Form 2 for person two entry would reference Slice #2

Instead of using queries to see if entries were made for the same record in Table 1 or Table 2, you can now just simply test if a critical field on that row is Blank or not.

This design will also make things simpler for you later as you build out the app. More than likely, with two tables, you will find your self constantly merging records together.

With a single table, you will be able to use Slices to divide that one table in however many ways you need to later.

Hello John,

Thank you very much for your answer I knew I might be on the wrong track.
Everything is really factory information.

Do you have any hints on when should I use two tables to create two forms?

Thank you again

Sorry, I am just now seeing your reply. Be sure to use the Reply button inside of the comment so posters are notified of your response.

To answer your question, you rarely should ever use the app visual design to guide your data structures. (Caveat: in some very complicated corporate systems where performance is crucial you may need to adjust/split data. But you will KNOW when that needs to be the case. Otherwise, don’t even consider it!)

Use best data practices - keeping similar and related information together in a single data source table. Refrain any attempts to replicate data columns.

Then use filtering capabilities (or Slices in AppSheet) to reduce the data to what is needed for display. And when you need data from another table/source, use references to retrieve it (rather than duplicating it).

I am over-simplifying this. It does take time and experience to understand these best practices.

If in doubt, ask!!