Filtering slices rows

Currently having an issue with a slice.

I have a table with a list of employees names. Then a virtual column that checks if the employee is New.

I want a view that only displays New employees.

I created a slice view but it’s not filtering. I see all the employee names, whether STATUS is empty or New.

My objective, is to only show rows that have STATUS = “New”.

What am I doing wrong?



Hello Steve,

we are new to AppSheet. What is this link for? I followed the link, but it shows a lot of posts.

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Try removing the if statement from the formula just use [STATUS]=“New” the slice itself is the IF statement

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You might have tried reading one or two of them, as they address the problem you’re experiencing.

The = operator in AppSheet is not a strict test for equality. If the left operand is a blank value, the test will always be TRUE, regardless what the right operand is. So if the Status column value for the row is blank, [STATUS]=“New” is TRUE.

This was to the contrary to my understanding @steve
I tested with my sanbox app with same expression, and it is ruling out the row with blank (null) field under slice.