Filtering Suggested Values

Attempting to show values in suggested values, but only if they meet a certain criteria

Expression being used:
LIST((Player Stats[Raiders:]), FILTER(Player Stats,[PvE Tier:]=“1”))
Instead of:
Player Stats[Raiders:]
-For this particular column, I am seeking to only display values from Player Stats[Raiders:], if the value in the “PvE Tier:” column is equal to 1.

Receiving this error:
Column Name ‘1st Summoner:’ in Schema ‘SB Roles_Schema’ of Column Type ‘Enum’ has invalid ‘Suggested Values’ of ‘=LIST((Player Stats[Raiders:]), FILTER(Player Stats,[PvE Tier:]=“1”))’. The type of the Suggested Values does not match the column type.

-I assume I am using the FILTER() function improperly.

Hi @Nick_S

What about:
(assuming [PvE Tier:] is text type)

FILTER("Player Stats",
  [PvE Tier:]=“1”

(assuming [PvE Tier:] is number type)

FILTER("Player Stats",
  [PvE Tier:]=1

also, please set this expression in the Valid_If field instead of Suggested Values


Ahh, without the LIST() portion!?
Okay, that’s working!
How does it know to show the values in Player Stats[Raiders:] column by filtering through the Player Stats[PvE Tier:] column?! Not essential that I know, but just for my knowledge moving forward.

Thanks for the help!

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You are welcome :slight_smile:

Yes, because the expression:Player Stats[Raiders:] is a list of values yet.
So, unless you want to create a list of lists, in your case this is redundant.

I would say “Magic !” but that would not fit the reality, it’s thank to the awesome work of the AppSheet team dev :wink:

More seriously, here are the informations you may need:

For information, please note that:
FILTER("yourTable", yourCondition)
is equivalent to:
SELECT(yourTable[key_column], yourCondition)