Filtering users in a group

Hello! I have an app with some users and i created a custom filter in it:

Explanation: Data field its meant to user enter the DATE, while SVC means USER
Then, the data is filtered on the next 2 dashboards.

Im using a table with update only, with quick edit to let users select what they want on filter

When i click on SVC (users), shows a dropdown like that:

The filter its working fine, when i click “Todos” (show all), it shows all users.

My question: How can i GROUP users? In the picture above, theres CO, MG1, MG3… these are meant to be groups.

Example: CO will have User1, User2 and User3

The individual filter is working, but how can i group it using the formula below?

Formula im using to FILTER:

IF( ANY(Filtro[SVC] )="Todos", [Data]=ANY(filtro[Data]),
AND([Data]=ANY(filtro[Data] ),
[Usuário]= ANY(Filtro[SVC] ))

The formula above its working as intended, showing individuals SVC (users), and all of them with Todos (show all). I just want to add to it the option to group up users in one option.

I can add more information if needed.


Add a [group] column in your user Table.

Then in your expression, use OR() to check against either the [name], or the [group].


Hi Marc! Thank you for your answer.

Ive added the Group column and filled the group of each user.

How can i add the grouping on this formula? Im sorry for asking this, its because i have no idea how to elaborate it, even after reading the OR() wiki.

Example: filter only the MG1 group with the respective date

IF( ANY(Filtro[SVC] )="Todos", [Data]=ANY(filtro[Data]),
AND([Data]=ANY(filtro[Data] ),
[Usuário]= ANY(Filtro[SVC] ))


Hopefully the [Usario] column is a Ref to the user Table. Then just use a dereference.

  [Usuário]          = ANY(Filtro[SVC] )) ,
  [Usuário].[group]  = ANY(Filtro[SVC] ))
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Hi Marc, thanks for the answer! Its giving me this error:


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But my USUARIO (username) table cannot be refer, it must be text to show on my sheets