Filters based on user provided parameter

Hello, newbie here.

I’m creating an APP form myself (thinking on extending it for a few friends in the near future). We’re in an Olympic shooting club. I’m creating an APP to keep track of scores in trainings sessions, we currently do on paper.

I’ve a table with the different weapons I have. I have a View for this.
I’ve another table with the scores on each training session, one of the columns there is REF to the weapons table. I’ve a View for this grouped by weapon.

What I don’t know how to do is creating a chart showing the progression of the average result of each session, by weapon.
I can do a static chart by creating a slice filtering by weapon id = 1, but I don’t know how to make a “button” to let the user choose amongst the weapons registered and display in the chart the session restarted for that weapon only.

Any help is welcome!!



Welcome to the AppSheet community.

Maybe the following sample app will give you some ideas


Nice project!
If the tables are linked through references, you should be able to see the linked scores when you are in the Weapons_Detail view, which opens up whenever you select a single wapon. Check in the Column Order field of the Weapons_Detail view, and eventually add the column of the related scores.
By the way, I’d also add a Table for storing the sessions!

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Hi! Thank you!!

I made it :smiley: