Filters in AppSheet applications - in Preview Program


We’ll be reverting the width of the detail view with the next deployment. More info in the Feature Release Notes section.


My Thursday has been made. It has physically pained me to look at detail pages.

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The filter options dont narrow options based on the first filter selected. For eg. When I am searching orders table - and I first select the desired customer , the Product column filter should narrow the Product options in the dropdown for that specific customer which is not happening.

Can you fix this ?

Well done guys!

The following two recent features have been critical ones for me as well as most companies (small and large)…at least according to me:

  1. Changing Column Widths:
    Tables = More data…&… Charts = Summarised data
    These views will always be the “foundation” from where all views originate from. The 'back bone" of data anyalise for any company…large and small.

  2. Filters:
    Being able to review data is important (i.e. Tables and Charts)…being able to review the data you need …quickly… when you need to action somethings… is even more important!
    Automation / AI are becoming popular for a reason.
    Companies are realising having good products and access to good info & data is just not enough anymore.
    They realise that success is defined in investing in data “usability” and not just data “accessability” .
    …Being able to search and find data quickly “where every” and “when every” in the right hands makes the difference.
    Access to lots of data and having a good product range is just not enough anymore.

…and who knows the power of “Search” more than “Google” :wink:
…and who knows the power of “Accesability” more than Appsheet :wink:

So great to see that Appsheet is investing in its UI and view…like charts and tables.
Looking forward to what appsheet is planning next.

“Holding thumbs” that new view types are on the horizon!

Our company (I think most companies) would love to see views in appsheets that have the similar benefits to views that have been their “bread and butter” for years.

  • Pivot tables in excel / Matrix views in Power Bi:
    Would be great to be able to do some data analyses within appsheet that already does a good job in collecting the info vs what these platforms are lacking in. We would love to not need to rely on too many platforms.

I have been trying to see how far I can push appsheet abillity to do aggregrated groups…but limitted at the moment
I was thinking that a simpler place to start would be to expand appsheet group aggregate structure a bit … as groups already have a “pivot like” structure.
This is what I was thinking could be an option. Hopefully the picture is self explanatory.

I would then also have aggregates for the contatct group before order group

You get the idea.

I would make this an extra view call Table Matrix vs changing the existing Table view.
This way there less a risk of messing with the existing table view on apps that can not afford to work while exerimenting with new views.

I would then maybe even consider changing the editor a bit…
Maybe create two view type sections within in the editor…like below picture.
Top for existing views that are more likely to be bug free and the bottom for preview views.
This might be an easier option if view development is planing on being a key part of appsheet time. Also less hidden then the preview option toggle that I would think that only appsheet community realise are there.

I very sure that all of this is easier said then done…but it least it might help get the “creative juices” flowing.

Really good work guys! Keep up the good work!

Remember “UI is king” …Microsoft knew the value of this IBM didnt…interesting to see how things turned out in the end.

Google… as well as appsheet knew very early on that every user big or small needs to be a peotential customer…the way tech is advancing and becoming easily accessable…not just enterprise…that might have scale…but a slow to adopt new platforms in a ever competiting market.

Microsoft has good enterprise solutions as mentioned above…but they slow…to realise they should not be limiting to focus on enterprise alone.

Google / Appsheet…can bridge the Enterprise and Consumer Gap.

Appologies in advance for the more philosphical comments mentioned above :zipper_mouth_face: :wink:

By the way…looking forward to when Enum and Enum list become an option for filters. Really nice feature guys.

It would be really nice if can view the totals on each filter item, and when we began selecting some of them the App calculate automatically the total amount of items regarding the selection.
Eg: Item 1 (200), Item 2 (5). If I select Item 2, and Item 2 is related to some of the Item 1 then the filter must show Item 1 (10)

Maybe a good idea to consider moving the search box to the right side of the view where the search icon and filter widget is.

It also means that it does not overide the view display name.

As it is now you have to select the Search button on right, then go back to left to enter in the search criteria (which is now in front of the view display name) of which selecting the filter button again would take you back to the right.

I think it might make sence considering moving the search box to the right?



LOVE IT! The new filter feature hits the spot!

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Exactly… Great observation .While working on my table yesterday , I felt somewhere something was wrong moving my cursor from left to right and so… small tweaks and improvement like this could make a great UX.


@Mike_Moss Something to consider for the desktop version of the Detail View.

Hi @Arthur_Rallu,

When selecting a date from calendar, one has to select the date and then press enter or click “OK”.

It would be nice if you could select a date by double click.

This came at a really good time for us. And it’s super handy!

This is really great. I can confirm that it works well with Japanese. Of course, I’m happy with this as it is but if, at some point in the future, it became possible to display a hit count, that would add to the value of the filter function. With larger sets of data, a display of the hit count would help users see what effect the addition of the filtering terms had. Thanks!

I have one more thought about how to make this great enhancement of the AppSheet platform even greater. Let me use an image from my own app as an example:

The list of spots into which one can type a filtering criterion is determined by what we have set to be searchable and the user is presented with a list of those fields. What if we were allowed to select the field into which a keyword would be typed via a dropdown menu and more fields could be added as needed with a plus button? That way, it might become possible, for example, to type in a word that I want to look for in my “Definition and example” field, then hit +, choose “Definition and example” again and type in another word. This would function as an “AND” boolean search. Currently, logic of the filter function is already “AND” but only between fields, not within them. This would allow the implementation of an “AND” search within a field.

I’m not sure if what I’m proposing would merely involve an adjustment in the interface or if it would require a fundamental change in the guts of the searching and filtering program. If it were only a matter of adjusting the interface and could otherwise be implemented easily, it might be worth it.