Filtrar registros buscar palabras separadas

Quisiera saber como filtrar o buscar datos en una lista de articulos, usando la lupa, pero que lo haga con palabras separadas. Ejemplo: si la descripcion dice " mesa blanca rota" que yo escriba “mesa rota” y la filtre

Hello @Tonybrus!

Welcome to the community. I don’t understand Spanish but I used Google translate to read your question. Here’s the translation of what you wrote:

I would like to know how to filter or search data in a list of articles, using the magnifying glass, but do it with separate words. Example: if the description says “broken white table” that I write “broken table” and filter it

You mentioned the magnifying glass. That is what the user uses to search in an app that you or someone else has made. Unfortunately, the kind of search you described is not part of the native capability of AppSheet. It is possible, however, to build the capability to search for two or more terms into your app:

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No, appsheet no tiene ese mecanismo de búsqueda

Gracias por responder. tratare de armar una búsqueda con diferentes campos!

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Buena suerte! :slight_smile: