Finance manager / account statements moudle in appsheets

I am in the process of planing an app for my business , which would gather all sales, inventory movements, and money transactions.
I am looking around to see if AppSheet / PowerApps is the solution for me .
i have not found or saw any example or something similar that can show me that it can be done with Appsheet .
My main concern is the database structure , how to handle each transaction in 2 tables .
For example :
Customer1 pays for hes order to the bank account.
I need to update the customer table , to reflect hes balance, and on the same time , I need to update this transaction on the bank account table to reflect the balance.

So my question is , is it something AppSheet would be able to perform in a smooth / efficient way ?
And maybe someone can show me a similar module so I can know how to plan it correctly ?


That can be done with many ways:

  1. Thru Actions
  2. Thru Data Change Workflow
  3. Thru Webhook Workflow

The method totally relies on your business process flowchart. There are many documentation and community posts available.

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