Financial Mathematics


I’m a financial analyst, not a developer. I’m trying to replicate a product I created for property development that originally used excel. Aside from creating a full mortgage calculation table and referencing that, is there any way to calculate a mortgage payment in-sheet or in-table, using rows for present value balance, interest rate, and number of periods? In excel, the formula would be =PMT(rate[yearly_%/12], nPer[years*12],PV[[0],FV[mortgage_balance],0[end-of-period-accrual]). It would be nice to have a suit more advanced financial functions on-table, unless that’s not what tables are for. Again, my apologies, not a developer. I’m trying to replicate mortgage function as a subsection for a concept property development app.



I had once made a sample app whilst playing with AppSheet which calculates NPV, ToM, ROI, IRR etc. based on a Google Spreadsheet which automatically inserts a CSV data thru Google Apps Script retrieved from Primavera Project Planner to make some EV calculations of a construction project. I will dig my archieve for that app and post you back. Provided I forgot, please feel free to remind me via